How to start a employment and maid agency with many potential employers leads and lists of maids suppliers from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and India

Do you know that for a small capital of about $5,000 to $7,000 , you can be your own boss and start your own licensed maid and employment agency?


How to start your own maid and employment agency

It is important to know the rules and regulation before you start a new agency


To provide good service to employers

How to start

Pass the CEI (KAH)

4 important steps you need to do before you get the license to practice

Another 4 important steps you need to do after you get the license but before you start operation

These are the knowledge you need to know when you start the business.

  • Theory
  • Lesson 1
  • Introduction
  • Finding customers leads and how to close the deal.
  • How to deal with employer.
  • Questions you can expect from the employer.
  • How to use the forms such as service agreement and employment contract.
  • How to use all the MOM forms after approval is given
  • How to arrange for maid’s arrival.
  • How to apply for maid’s medical insurance and security bond
  • How to go about arranging maid to go for medical check book the date, arrange for entry test, does thumb print.
  • How to deal with employer upon closing the deal and after sales service.
  • Prepare all the documents with MOM for the whole process
  • You will be provided with the training manual with all the MOM forms online and manual submission for the application of a new domestic worker.
  • Practical training
  • Learn how to process the work online such as apply work permit online, how to renew work permit and how to cancel the work permit online plus other online information.
  • Training book, forms and agreement will be provided during the course
  • You will be provided with the training manual. .
  • Practical training on online application.

Optional. How to do the application of E and S pass

  • Similar to the info above but additional topics on E, S pass and work permit application
  • Learn how to check quota of the employer who wants to hire professional foreign worker.
  • Learn how to source for employer and foreign workers.
  • How much you can earn if you succeed in closing the deal
  • How to close the deal and all the forms needed
  • After closing deal, the follow up service.
  • How to source for employers
  • How to do local job placement
  • Conduct interview and closing the deal
  • Employer pays up to 80% of the local job placement of the first month's salary.
  • Forms needed in closing the deal such as the invoices, agreement and terms and conditions

After the training, you will be provided with continuing help and assistance for the next 6 months on getting maids supplier and getting potential employers leads. Details will be explain when meeting you.


email to If you are interested to start immediately you may wish to meet me at any suitable locations.

Thank you again for your interest shown.