Job placement

Job placement and recruitment

The prospect for job placement is always good. The reason being that Singapore has almost full employment and there are many jobs available. Also, the turnover are some companies are high and many people changes jobs quite frequently.

Local job placement

In local job placement, the employer pays for the placement fee. The placement fee is usually from 50% to 80% of the first month’s salary. Example, if your agency successfully placed an accounts executive of a salary of $2,800pm, the agency will earn $2,240 (80%X$2,800)

Foreign workers

In foreign workers like professional Employment pass, S pass or work permit holders, the foreigner pays for the placement fee. Employers usually do not pay any service fee at all.

Most employment agency charges placement fee for workers from Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and China. The placement fee is 2 months of the workers' salary.

Company or employer who wanted to hire foreign workers are subjected to a quota base on the number of Singaporean working in the company. For calculation of quota, you may go the MOM website to check whether the company is eligible for foreigner workers with work permit holders or professional S Pass and Employment Pass.